The Association of Oregon Faculties (AOF) is an association that represents and protects the interests of Oregon public university'sfaculty and professional staff before the Oregon Legislature and various state agencies. Our primary goal is to increase the quality of the professional working environment for all faculty in the system.  We were formed in 1978 by the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate to serve in this political capacity.  By clicking on the AOF link above, you can find out more about this organization including reading its periodic newsletters.

Our dues pay for a professional lobbying firm, Parta Oregon, Inc., to represent our interests to the Legislature, to the Governor, to the HECC, to the other groups aligned with higher education interests (e.g. the other public universities, student organizations, etc.), to the PEBB Board, and to the PERS Board.  The chief lobbyist for Parta Oregon is Chris Parta.  Both he and his firm represent a nice cluster of clients with generally compatible interests.  AOF is also part of the PERS Coalition, a group which has legally challenged numerous attacks on public employee retirement rights.