SOU Governing  Groups

Association of Professors: Southern Oregon University (APSOU)

... is the SOU teaching faculty union for those faculty working at least half time and who carry the rank of Instructor or higher. Technically, APSOU is a "bargaining unit" to which all teaching faculty belong. Then, each person in it can either choose to be a member of the union by paying dues or make an equivalent "fair share" donation to a nonreligious charity if reasons of conscience move them to not be a member of the union ($120/year, $60 APSOU + $60 AOF). APSOU is an "independent" union, not affiliated with any national organization. The primary role of APSOU is to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement every two years, which governs SOU teaching faculty's compensation and working conditions. Other duties include contract enforcement, advising individual faculty when they feel their contract rights may have been violated, and consulting with the SOU and OUS administration on policy matters that affect compensation and working conditions. APSOU has a nine-member board elected by union members which meets approximately monthly.

SOU Faculty Senate

... is the body of teaching and administrative faculty which advises the President of the University on the administration of the University. It is an elected body whose representation is described in the SOU Bylaws. It carries out the activities and duties spelled out in the Constitution and Bylaws of Southern Oregon University. The Senate is the voice of the SOU faculty on a wide variety of matters, including curriculum and program offerings, changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, and advising the President on administrative issues. The Senate meets every other Monday while classes are in session, and its meetings are open to the public. For more information, check out:


Association of Oregon Faculties (AOF) a lobbying/political representation group acting on behalf of all the Oregon University System faculty and professional staff in Salem. All APSOU members are also AOF members. This group engages a professional lobbying group to promote legislation helpful to OUS faculty, fight legislation harmful to OUS faculty, and - when possible - cooperate with OUS administration in securing funding for the OUS system. Each of the seven campuses (SOU, WOU, EOU, OIT, PSU, OSU, and UO) has one representative, and the group meets with the AOF lobbyist every 1 to 2 months. Issues of current interest to AOF are faculty retirement issues (e.g. PERS litigation), OUS governance structure changes and implementations, health benefits, and funding for OUS. AOF also has a Political Action Committee to which we as faculty can donate additional monies to help support higher education-friendly candidates for state office. For more information, see

Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (IFS) an advocacy group for teaching and research faculty which (primarily) represents faculty viewpoints to the Oregon University System Board. [Incidentally, the OUS Board is the body appointed by the Governor that, along with the Chancellor's Office, sets policy, hires university presidents, and coordinates the individual campus activities. They are the responsible body to the Governor and the Legislature for the administration of the state agency known as the Oregon University System.] This Senate is composed of 3 faculty members from each "big" institution and 2 faculty members from each "small" institution. (SOU is small.) The IFS meets about every other month for two days, rotating the meetings around the various campuses in the System. Important dignitaries are frequently guests (e.g. legislators, university presidents, Chancellor's Office administrators). The IFS President gives a speech at each OUS Board meeting, relaying the views of the IFS. In recent years, the IFS has joined forces with AOF to lobby legislators on behalf of faculty. For more information, see