The APSOU web site

The APSOU Board created this off campus web site to be the main vehicle of communication between us and our members. It has the ability for interactive blogs and password protection of some areas of more confidential information (most areas are not password protected). The main area we intended for communication is "Conversations with APSOU," a blog for us to post communications and get feedback from our members. The password is on the blog mainly to keep the press and "outsiders" from seeing our communications. It is not, however, intended to be a totally confidential area for APSOU members to air any concerns for which they would feel safe from repercussions from the administration.  

The email list

This is an email list on servers that is convenient for APSOU members to share concerns. It reaches all 200+ APSOU members. It is susceptible to review by the SOU administration, i.e. they can search for anything anyone posts. Posting to this list is only allowed using an email account.

The email list

This list reaches all who subscribe (currently a little over 70 APSOU members) and is designed to be THE area for totally confidential communication where subscribers should feel free to post whatever thoughts they want with little fear of repercussions (other than from other APSOU members reading your email and taking exception to it). It cannot be searched by anyone (other than the subscribed members) and is managed by Kevin Sahr who has instituted a fairly secure way to subscribe so that only APSOU members can gain join and gain access. Additionally, most of the APSOU Board have listed their off campus email addresses at . To gain access to this list send your personal (non-SOU) email address to Kevin at either or

Non Electronic Communication with APSOU

This is the most secure way to voice any concerns you have. Come talk to us personally. We would always rather discuss sensitive or controversial issues in person than via email. Contact information for both on and off campus are at